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60 Reasons to Protest: Reason #41 – Violation of the Air Services Act 1995

Today’s protest reason is short ‘n sweet yet as upsetting as all the others. Read §9 of the Air Services Act 1995 and cast your vote in the poll:

§9 Manner in which AA must perform its functions

(1) In exercising its powers and performing its functions, AA must regard the safety of air navigation as the most important consideration.

(2) Subject to subsection (1), AA must exercise its powers and perform its functions in a manner that ensures that, as far as is practicable, the environment [that includes communities] is protected from:

(a) the effects of the operation and use of aircraft; and

(b) the effects associated with the operation and use of aircraft.

Air Services Act 1995, §9

Does Airservices Australia meet its legislated obligations under §9, that is, do you feel protected by Airservices from the effects of and associated with the operation and use of aircraft?

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