We had many requests for our followers and supporters to be able to download our marketing and communications materials. On this page, we publish these resources such as flyers, yard signs and posters, which you can download, print, and distribute.

You can help us spread the word about BFPCA by printing one of our flyers or posters and displaying a copy on your building’s noticeboard. You can also include them in your building’s or club’s email newsletter or share with your social media group.

If you’d like to display a yard sign in your front yard, please head on over to the order page here.


These two design were created for half page ads placed in My Village News. They can be used as flyers for display on your building’s noticeboard. If you live in an apartment building, feel free to print and distribute them to your neighbours.

Brisbane Curfew Now flyer
Take Action flyer
Subscribe Now flyer


front (pdf)
back: design A (pdf)
back: design B (pdf)