Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance – people before planes

1. Submit oversight complaint

The Department of Infrastructure & Transport is responsible for ensuring Airservices Australia, a government corporation, does the right thing in designing airspace and conducting its business.

BFPCA has uncovered shocking evidence of corrupt conduct.

Lodge a formal complaint to the Department:

2. Lodge noise complaints

You can complain to Brisbane Airport, but they simply pass the buck to Airservices. Airservices in turn are stonewalling noise complainants, which has been confirmed by evidence BFPCA has obtained through FOI.

We recommend you escalate your complaint and email the politicians, decision makers and executives directly with our one-click complaint link:

This will create an email addressed to the Minister for Transport, the Shadow Minister for Transport, Queensland Premier, Brisbane Lord Mayor, Airservices CEO, BAC CEO, AAB, BACACG, and the ANO.

3. Write to your elected representative

Write to your federal MP and detail the negative impacts the Brisbane flight paths are having on you and your family. Tell them you expect them to support the community's key demands.

Please include your residential address as it is important for your MP to know whether you are one of their constituents. Personalise your submission – this is crucial: Each letter must tell your own story from your own perspective in order to be effective.

You can find your MP's name, office address and email here:

4. Contact the ANO

The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (ANO) has conducted a review in 2021 as provided for in clause 47 of the ANO charter. While the ANO report has now been published, we encourage you to continue to escalate your complaints to the ANO – that's what he is there for:

More information about how to complain to the ANO can be found at

5. Donate to the BFPCA fighting fund

Can you chip in to combat aircraft noise?

We've achieved some great wins in our fight to reclaim our rights to peaceful enjoyment of our homes. But we need your help.

BAC is very well resourced, and our community faces an uphill battle to get our messages heard.

Please donate what you can and join us in our fight!

6. Object to delivery drones & air taxis

Drone delivery services are aggressively expanding across South East Queensland, and air taxis are coming, both adding more noise pollution. We ask everyone to email the politicians and executives to remind them of their obligation to first obtain a social licence to operate. BFPCA has made it easy with our new one-click complaint link specifically for drones & air taxis:

7. Order and display a yard sign

BFPCA is giving our community the option to visually express our concerns and demands on yard signs across our neighbourhoods and suburbs. They also offer a great way to express your frustration and anger at the next protest rally.

8. Sign up for BFPCA news and updates

Please stay in touch with BFPCA news and updates using our social media channels and our newsletter:

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BFPCA Facebook Group: This is a private discussion group dedicated to sharing information about flight path noise pollution and its impact on residential communities and neighbourhoods.

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