1. Donate to the BFPCA fighting fund

Can you chip in to combat aircraft noise?

Communities across our city are suffering. We’ve achieved some great wins in our fight to reclaim our rights to peaceful enjoyment of our homes.
But we need your help.

BAC is very well resourced and our community faces an uphill battle to get our messages heard.

Please donate what you can and join us in our fight!

2. Engage in the Post-Implementation Review

Airservices Australia have launched the Post-Implementation Review (PIR) portal for the new parallel runway, and we encourage all residents affected by noise pollution from Brisbane Airport’s flight paths to register and subscribe for updates. This is a three step process:

  1. Register
  2. Sign in
  3. Subscribe for project updates (top right side of page)

3. Write to your elected representative

Airports are a federal issue and are the responsibility of the Federal Minister for Transport – currently Hon Barnaby Joyce MP.

We want you to write to your elected representative to detail the negative impacts the new flight paths are having on you and your household. Tell them you expect them to support BFPCA’s demand for a new Environmental Impact Assessment to be undertaken to find a better solution.

4. Lodge complaints

You can complain to Brisbane Airport Corporation, who were responsible for the community engagement for the new parallel runway, here.

BAC will usually refer you to the Airservices Australia’s Noise Complaints and Information Service (NCIS). You can submit complaints in two ways: (a) by following the instructions here, or; (b) by using WebTrak – a web-based map interface where you can report an aircraft and submit a complaint directly to Airservices. Find out how to lodge complaints on our FAQ page.

You have complained and are fed up with the boilerplate responses you are getting? Escalate your complaint and email the decision makers and executives directly. We have made it as easy as clicking this link: bfpca.org.au/complain

This will create an email addressed to the Deputy PM and Minister for Transport, the Shadow Minister for Transport, Airservices CEO, BAC CEO, QIC CEO, BAPAF, BACACG, and the ANO.

5. Contact the ANO

As a result of complaints received, the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (ANO) has conducted a multiple complaints review as provided for in clause 47 of the ANO charter. While the ANO report has now been published, we encourage you to continue to escalate your complaints to the ANO – that’s what he is there for.

If your complaint is about the aircraft noise you are currently experiencing you should first make your complaint directly to Airservices Australia (ASA). The ANO can review Airservices’ handling of your complaint only after Airservices has been given the opportunity to respond to you. 

If you are concerned about the notice you were given of the potential impact; the extent to which you were consulted about the new flight paths or any other aspect of Airservices’ community engagement before implementation of the flight paths you may complain directly to the ANO providing details of your concerns about these issues. Email your statement to the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman at ano@ano.gov.au.

More information about how to complain to the ANO can be found at www.ano.gov.au.

6. Order and display a BFPCA yard sign

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the BFPCA Flight Path Noise Fighting Fund. With your help, we are able to amplify and boost our impact and visibility. As promised, BFPCA have been planning additional actions and exploring further appeals pathways to bring about change. One of these is giving our community the option to visually express our concerns and demands on yard signs across our neighbourhoods and suburbs. They are also offer a great way to express your frustration and anger at the next protest rally.

7. Attend the next community event or rally

BFPCA organises regular community events, fora, and “picnic in the park” meet-ups. We also support events organised by politicians and political candidates in support of the community’s demands. We advertise these events via our newsletter and on our Facebook page.

Upcoming events:

Mon 11 April 2022, 4 – 7.30pm: BFPCA Volunteer Training Workshop. RSVP here >

More events coming soon!

8. Sign up for BFPCA news and updates

Please stay in touch with BFPCA news and updates using our social media channels and our newsletter:

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BFPCA Facebook Page: This is where we post public news, announcements, videos and re-post media articles. These posts are shareable.

BFPCA Facebook Group: This is a private discussion group dedicated to sharing information about Brisbane Airport’s flight path noise pollution and its impact on residential communities and neighbourhoods.

BFPCA Twitter account: @BFPCA_