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  • Aviation White Paper
    Update #2: 09/03/2023 BFPCA has written a detailed submission in response to the draft Terms of Reference for the Aviation White Paper. We encourage everyone to also make their own submissions by 10 March 2023, which can be sent via email. Instructions are provided here. Feel free to use the […]
  • Minister Abandons Brisbane Community on Aircraft Noise
    Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, Hon. Catherine King MP has formally refused to meet with Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance, abandoning communities suffering from unsustainable flight path noise. Following the election of the Albanese government, BFPCA wrote to Minister King in November 2022 requesting a meeting. […]
  • BFPCA rebuttal of Airservices’ SODPROPS claims
    On 20/12/2022, Airservices Australia provided a response to a question on notice taken in the 2022-23 Budget estimates October and November round (committee question number 240). The Courier Mail reported on this on 25 Jan 2023 in an article titled, “Flight path pain dives in post-COVID boom.” While BFPCA responded […]
  • Archerfield Airport
    While Brisbane Airport has been BFPCA’s main focus since we started, more and more community members express their concerns about the negative impact from Archerfield Airport’s excessive noise pollution as well as its future growth and expansion aspirations. The Archerfield Airport Preliminary Draft Master Plan (2022-2042) was available for public […]
  • BFPCA seeks assistance from Dutch Parliament
    Today, BFPCA formally wrote to the Dutch Parliament seeking their help and assistance. Our letter is addressed at the members of the Committee for Finance and the Committee for Infrastructure and Water Management in their role of providing scrutiny and accountability checks to the Dutch Government, which in turn is […]
  • Airservices Australia adopts noise sharing as “solution” to noise pollution
    Airservices Australia has adopted a proposal from a UK-based airspace design consultancy, TRAX International, to employ noise sharing to deal with the excessive noise pollution across Brisbane. But Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance says this is not a real solution as it will just spread the pain to people currently […]
  • Noise from drone delivery services
    The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts called for feedback on “infrastructure planning guidelines to support the safe and consistent integration of drone delivery services in the community.” Submissions closed 2 Dec 2022. Here you can read BFPCA’s full submission to this consultation.
  • Post-Implementation Review (PIR) updates
    How do I register? Airservices Australia have launched the Post-Implementation Review (PIR) portal for the new parallel runway, and we encourage all residents affected by noise pollution from Brisbane Airport’s flight paths to register and subscribe for updates. (i) Register; (ii) Sign in; (iii) Subscribe for project updates (top right side […]
  • New aircraft noise measures fail to address huge mental health toll
    Final Report (20 August 2022) The final report of the Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance (BFPCA) Community Survey for the first half of 2022 of Brisbane households affected by aircraft noise highlights the shocking extent of the mental health impact on the community as a result of the ongoing operation […]
  • It’s time for our pollies to listen
    We encourage you to make yourselves heard and submit complaints to our elected federal MPs. Please write to your elected representative and detail the negative impacts the new flight paths are having on you and your household. Tell them you expect them to urgently deliver on the community’s eight key […]
  • BFPCA Community Survey 2022
    Update 20/08/2022: Final survey report and video now available here. Brisbane residents are invited to complete the second BFPCA community survey now. During December 2020 to January 2021 BFPCA previously sponsored a community survey on the noise pollution impact associated with the operation of Brisbane Airport’s flight paths amongst Brisbane […]
  • BFPCA 2022 Federal Election Score Card
    The 2022 federal election is our best chance to fight excessive noise pollution from Brisbane Airport’s flight paths. BFPCA has asked the three main parties to confirm whether they are committed to the community’s key demands. And here are the results. Make your own assessment and make your vote count […]
  • Airservices stonewalling noise complainants FOI documents reveal
    Airservices Australia systematically stonewalls community members with legitimate complaints about aircraft noise, claims local community group Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance (BFPCA). Community complaints manuals obtained through Freedom of Information requests show how Airservices staff are instructed to provide pre-scripted answers designed to quash complaints and prevent them from progressing […]
  • Petition to the Australian Parliament
    Update #5 (16/02/2022) Today, BFPCA was informed by the Secretariat of the Petitions Committee in the House of Representatives that a response to our petition from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development (dated 29/11/2021) was presented in the House on 14/02/2022 and has now […]
  • Brisbane Airport Curfew and Demand Management Bill 2022
    Right from the start, BFPCA has been calling for a night curfew to be introduced at Brisbane Airport. Australia’s busiest airport Sydney has been operating successfully with a curfew, which forms one key component of their multipronged noise abatement strategy helping protect local communities from aircraft noise pollution. After extensive […]
  • Brisbane Airport PIR Advisory Forum
    Update #7 (19 Jan 2022) BAPAF today (19 Jan 2022) publicly released its first Quarterly Progress Report (Oct – Dec 2021) addressed to Deputy PM and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Barnaby Joyce. The report makes four recommendations: The Forum considers those measures that can be implemented in […]
  • Brisbane Airport’s New Runway Wins Two Awards
    On 17 Nov 2021, Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) won two Airport Excellence Awards at the Australian Airports Association (AAA) National Airport Industry Awards 2021, including the Infrastructure Award for Brisbane’s new runway, which was officially opened on 12 July 2020. This inspired members of the Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance […]
  • Report slams Airservices Australia over new Brisbane runway
    A string of failures at Airservices Australia has been uncovered in an investigation by the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (ANO) into the community engagement and 2007 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process for Brisbane Airport’s new runway. The report finds that Airservices failed to effectively engage with communities potentially affected by new […]
  • Clinical effects of aircraft noise on Brisbane school children go unnoticed
    Scientific evidence confirms that chronic aircraft noise impairs children’s cognition. Yet, more than 50,000 school children at more than 50 schools across Brisbane are learning underneath Brisbane Airport’s network of flight paths, according to new data analysis by Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance (BFPCA). Coinciding with the one year anniversary […]
  • Trevor Evans MP challenged over aircraft noise
    Mike O’Connor, the editor of My Village News, asked Federal Member for Brisbane Trevor Evans MP seven questions in the June 2021 issue (page 9) in the article, “Trevor Evans MP grilled over airport noise.” BFPCA put the same questions to two of Evans’ key challengers for the seat of […]
  • Brisbane 2035: as many planes as Hong Kong and Singapore
    Brisbane is set to outstrip Sydney as Australia’s busiest airport and be on par with Hong Kong and Singapore, according to new data analysis from Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance (BFPCA). New data modelling shows the true impact on families and residents as a result of Brisbane Airport Corporation’s maximisation […]
  • Hey BAC, look who’s back!
    Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance committee members yesterday, 31 May 2021, had the opportunity to meet with The Hon Kevin Rudd AC and his associates at the offices of Grace Grace, Queensland State MP for McConnel. Also in attendance was Madonna Jarrett, Labor candidate for the federal seat of Brisbane. […]
  • Demands to fix noise fall on deaf ears
    BFPCA sent letters to Brisbane Airport Corporation’s CEO Gert-Jan de Graaff and Chair of the Board David Peever, Airservices Australia’s CEO Jason Harfield and Chair of the Board John Weber, as well as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development The Hon Michael McCormack MP regarding […]
  • Misleading data and flawed engagement dupe community about aircraft noise
    Oct 2021 update: The ANO confirms the community’s allegations. Read the ANO’s report > Flawed and inadequate community engagement and misleading modelling have led to community backlash against Brisbane Airport’s new flight paths, according to Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance’s (BFPCA) submission to the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman’s (ANO) multiple complaints […]
  • Petition Handover to Trevor Evans MP
    Monday morning, 29 March 2021, BFPCA committee members Karen and Chris handed over a petition signed by over 1,600 supporters to Trevor Evans, the MP for the Seat of Brisbane. Petitioners are calling on Mr Evans to use his federal influence to call on the current federal government to instruct […]
  • CEO of Airservices interrogated in Senate Estimates
    As part of Senate Estimates today 22 March 2021, Jason Harfield, CEO of Airservices Australia, was asked a number of pertinent questions originally posed by the Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance (BFPCA) about the airspace design work that is now causing excessive and unreasonable noise pollution from Brisbane Airport’s flight […]
  • True flight path impacts revealed in community-led survey
    91 per cent of respondents impacted by flight path noise were not prepared for the number of planes that now fly right above them 81 per cent of respondents said they were not engaged by Brisbane Airport Corporation prior to the new flight paths becoming operational 78 per cent of respondents said […]
  • BFPCA Community Survey Report
    To date, there has been an unwillingness on the part of Airservices and BAC to recognise the identified consultation deficiencies and to reasonably mitigate the excessive noise, health, education, and other environmental impacts of the airspace design.  This BFPCA-led survey of affected residents in December 2020 to January 2021 is […]
  • BFPCA Chairperson chats to ABC Radio Brisbane about aircraft noise
    Aircraft noise was top of the agenda for Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance Chairperson, David Diamond, when he spoke with Kelly Higgins-Devine from ABC Radio Brisbane this week on 1 February 2021. David and Kelly chatted about the negative impacts to the Brisbane community since the new flight paths came […]
  • Introducing BFPCA
    When the new parallel runway opened at Brisbane Airport in July 2020 and planes began moving across the new flight paths over Brisbane many communities were taken by surprise at the true impact of Brisbane aircraft noise. These communities had little or no advanced warning of the true impacts of […]