Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance – people before planes

The actions BFPCA and local communities have taken to date rely on individuals volunteering their time to lodge complaints to Brisbane Airport and Airservices, make submissions to the ANO, and write to our elected representatives. However, now in the lead-up to the 2022 Federal Election is the time to amplify our voices and scale up the community pressure on the politicians. Display a yard sign to visually express our concerns and demands for (i) a total redesign of the airspace, (ii) a Sydney-style curfew, as well as (iii) a total cap on the number of flight movements over residential areas.

Our original 2021 batch of yard signs were so popular that we quickly ran out. The new 2022 design is printed single-sided and features the main BFPCA slogan “People before Planes.”

Before you submit your order, we kindly ask that you contribute to the BFPCA Flight Path Noise Fighting Fund with a modest donation equivalent to the cost of the yard sign ($15 each – higher amounts are appreciated).

If you have already donated, thank you!

If you would like to display a yard sign at your home, please complete the form below. BFPCA offer max. of two yard signs per household. Once the form is submitted, we will be in touch with you to advise of pick-up methods and collection locations and times. We intend to offer weekend collection from markets in suburbs nearby – subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

Please note that the display of the yard signs is your responsibility, and we remind those living in strata title that permission usually has to be sought first: owner-occupiers require approval from their body corporate, and tenants require approval from their letting agent or owner.

Please also note the new Advertising Devices Local Law 2021 introduced by Brisbane City Council. BFPCA is currently in the process of obtaining further information about the implications of this new local law, which you can find more about here. In the meantime, a Council spokesperson has confirmed the advertising laws are not designed to target private residents.