Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance – people before planes

Who is BFPCA?

Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance (BFPCA) brings together Brisbane communities adversely affected by Brisbane Airport’s flight paths – including noise pollution and human health impacts.

A new network of flight paths was designed by Airservices Australia for operation of the new parallel runway. Since this airspace design became operational in July 2020 there has been a severe increase in noise pollution and health impacts on thousands of people and many communities in Brisbane.

This common experience has brought these communities together to collaborate on and advocate for urgent actions to mitigate noise pollution and other impacts on communities living, learning and working under Brisbane Airport’s network of flight paths.

Membership is open to anyone who is directly or indirectly impacted by Brisbane Airport’s network of flight paths and would like to see change.

BFPCA’s goal is to demand best practice design principles be applied to minimise noise pollution and adverse health impacts from Brisbane Airport’s flight paths on Brisbane residents and businesses, while maintaining the economic benefits of the airport and the aviation industry in Queensland.

Brisbane flight path community alliance

What does BFPCA stand for?

Aviation is vital for a modern city and crucial for economic prosperity. BFPCA acknowledges the significant role of the aviation industry for Brisbane and Queensland communities.

We appreciate that aviation directly and indirectly underpins many jobs and livelihoods critical for Brisbane and Queensland’s trade relationships with our domestic and international neighbours, including tourism and other industries.

Communities have the right to accurate, timely and transparent information about the operations of infrastructure and aircraft operations that affects them.

Communities have the right to the quiet enjoyment of their neighbourhoods free from preventable, excessive, unsustainable and unmitigated aircraft noise pollution.

Many communities in Australia and around the world successfully co-exist with high traffic airports, because their impacts have been truthfully and transparently communicated and operators have adopted modern noise abatement strategies to protect communities from noise pollution.

Our Brisbane communities have a right to the same transparent communication and high quality noise abatement strategies.

There are lower impact alternatives available to Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC), Airservices Australia (AsA), and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) that have not been employed in the design of Brisbane Airport’s network of flight paths.

Brisbane Airport flight paths must be designed and used in accordance with best practice.

What is the problem?

Brisbane Airport Corporation’s (BAC) community engagement regarding the full extent of the redesigned flight paths was insufficient and misleading.

The airspace design and community consultation process for Brisbane’s flight paths failed to properly identify, communicate and reasonably mitigate negative impacts on Brisbane communities.

The current level of noise pollution generated by the Brisbane Airport flight paths is unsustainable for residents and has triggered other health impacts and concerns across residential areas in and around greater Brisbane.

The noise pollution from the Brisbane Airport flight paths has dramatically altered the character and liveability of the city of Brisbane and the greater Brisbane area.

The impact of noise pollution on people’s physical and psychological health, economic productivity, and children’s ability to learn, has not been given sufficient priority and attention in the design of Brisbane Airport’s flight paths.

What are BFPCA’s objectives?

Bring together communities impacted by Brisbane Airport flight paths to share their experiences and advocate for change.

Help to maintain the unique character of Brisbane’s neighbourhoods and its communities from the harmful impacts of unsustainable and unmitigated aircraft noise pollution on human health, people’s economic productivity and the social and environmental values of our communities. 

Demand an urgent review of the current airspace architecture and operational practices to remedy deficiencies in the design and consultation processes.

Engage with BAC, CASA, AsA and our elected representatives to communicate the community’s experiences resulting from Brisbane Airport’s flight paths and our expectations for change.

What are BFPCA’s principles?

We will encourage and seek broad community participation in the planning and implementation of our activities to advocate for change.

We will collaborate and leverage our capabilities as a group to achieve our objectives.

Significant decisions by the Alliance’s Committee will be made collectively. 

We will communicate transparently with our Brisbane communities.

We will treat everyone with respect, and reject any deliberately inflammatory, violent, profane, or discriminatory behaviour.

BFPCA acknowledges the First Nations people as the Traditional Owners of Meeanjin (Brisbane), and recognised the Country north and south of the Brisbane River, as the home of both the Turrbul and Jagera nations.  We pay deep respects to all Elders past, present and emerging.

A plane flies over Brisbane - we are BFPCA