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10/03/2023 – Brisbane Times

Noise complaints about Brisbane flights heard from 226 suburbs

10/03/2023 – ABC Radio Brisbane

BFPCA Chair interviewed about the Brisbane Airport Community Airspace Advisory Board

(audio segment starts at 2:14:24)

10/03/2023 – BBC News

Google company unveils drone delivery-network ambition

09/03/2023 – Courier Mail

Five residents to get seat on board advising on airport noise

01/03/2023 – The Local Bulletin

Flight Fight: Western suburbs residents continue to raise concerns about aircraft flight paths

21/02/2023 – Crikey

Climate comes second to aircraft noise for inner-Brisbane voters

15/02/2023 – My Village News

Authority flight figures “a furphy” say residents

13/02/2023 – Courier Mail

Redlands flights soar as Minister turns down meeting with aircraft noise group

09/01/2023 – The Local Bulletin

Noise Sharing Not A Solution


15/12/2022 – 4BC Radio

Residents respond to long-awaited Brisbane Airport flight noise report

22/11/2022 – 7NEWS

Brisbane Airport braces for biggest holiday rush in three years

13/11/2022 – ABC News

Brisbane Airport Corporation flags third terminal option with air traffic expected to double by 2040

03/11/2022 – Courier Mail

Brisbane airport noise complaints more than the rest of the nation’s airports combined

24/10/2022 – Courier Mail

‘Won’t budge’: no cuts to flights as anger rises over ‘noise sharing’

24/10/2022 – Courier Mail

8k complaints in two years: Worst 20 suburbs for aircraft noise revealed

21/10/2022 – Brisbane Times

Defence asked to free up Amberley airspace to make Brisbane sky quieter

11/10/2022 – 7NEWS

Suburbs most affected by noise from Brisbane’s new flight paths revealed

11/10/2022 – Courier Mail

Plane pain: Brisbane’s noisiest 55 suburbs revealed

09/10/2022 – The Local Bulletin

Feathers fly at heated aircraft meeting

03/10/2022 – 7NEWS

Residents are demanding action over noise from Brisbane’s flight path

01/10/2022 – Courier Mail

Late-night Qatar flight triggers airport inquiry and apology

24/08/2022 – Courier Mail

Why Albo’s rejection of Brisbane flight noise limits is ‘hypocritical’

24/08/2022 – Courier Mail

Rich people problems? Property price shock for Brisbane’s flight path suburbs

23/08/2022 – The Guardian

Anti-aircraft noise campaigners to target shareholders in bid for Brisbane airport curfew

22/08/2022 – Brisbane Times

Brisbane Airport still faces years of reviews, possible flight path changes

22/08/2022 – 4BC Radio

Protest action on the cards after long-awaited Brisbane flight path report

22/08/2022 – 10 News

Long-awaited report into Brisbane flight path noise released

22/08/2022 – 7NEWS

Final report recommends changes to Brisbane flight paths

22/08/2022 – 9News Queensland

Major report examining the best ways to reduce aircraft noise over suburbs

22/08/2022 – ABC News

Brisbane Airport review recommends reducing noise and moving flight paths over Moreton Bay

22/08/2022 – ABC Radio Brisbane

BFPCA a/Chair Marcus Foth interviewed by ABC Joel Spreadborough

(audio segment starts at 1:45:33)

22/08/2022 – The Australian

Brisbane residents face long wait for flight noise relief

22/08/2022 – Courier Mail

Flight path shake-up: How Brisbane skies could change

21/08/2022 – Courier Mail

Revealed: Greens’ plan to crack down on Brisbane Airport noise

26/05/2022 – 7NEWS Brisbane

Brisbane Airport has finally said sorry to residents for the distress caused by aircraft noise

26/05/2022 – 9 News Queensland

Airport pilots raise safety concerns over proposal to deal with airport noise

26/05/2022 – The Australian

Pilots oppose flight noise reduction plan for Brisbane

20/05/2022 – The Guardian

Anger over aircraft noise expected to boost Greens’ election chances in Brisbane

18/05/2022 – Brisbane Times

Sleep-deprived and distressed: Aircraft noise is bugging Brisbanites, poll shows

16/05/2022 – Courier Mail

‘Jet super highway’: The flashpoint that could turn Brisbane seat Green

13/05/2022 – Courier Mail

Staff crisis to delay new, less noisy Brisbane flight paths

10/05/2022 – Brisbane Times

Long-awaited Brisbane aircraft noise results due to land next month

10/05/2022 – ABC News

‘I don’t enjoy coming home’: What it’s like living under two flight paths

09/05/2022 – ABC News

Aircraft noise becomes a key federal election issue for some frustrated Brisbane residents

22/04/2022 – Courier Mail

Ranked: Where the major parties stand on Brisbane’s flight paths

05/04/2022 – Brisbane Times

Brisbane residents vow to take aircraft noise to ballot box

05/04/2022 – 4KQ Breakfast Radio

New measures to minimise aircraft noise under Brisbane flight path

04/04/2022 – The Guardian

Brisbane flight paths to be redrawn under new Morrison government plan

04/04/2022 – Brisbane Times

Brisbane’s flight paths will be redrawn after noise complaints soared

04/04/2022 – ABC Radio Brisbane

BFPCA Chair David Diamond interviewed by ABC Terri Begley

(audio segment starts at 2:42:00)

04/04/2022 – Australian Aviation

Controversial Brisbane Flight Paths Set For Total Overhaul

04/04/2022 – 10 News

Brisbane’s Flight Paths To Be Redrawn

04/04/2022 – 7NEWS

Brisbane flight paths to be redrawn after aircraft noise review

04/04/2022 – ABC News

Brisbane flight paths to be redone after years of noise complaints, LNP says

04/04/2022 – Courier Mail

Brisbane flight paths to be ‘ripped up and redrawn’

01/04/2022 – My Village News

Flight path battle ramping up before election

29/03/2022 – Courier Mail

Why there’s no point complaining about Brisbane’s flight paths

17/03/2022 – Bulimba News

How The Proposed Brisbane Airport Curfew Bill Benefits Bulimba

14/02/2022 – Westender

Greens seek to make aircraft noise an election issue in Griffith

14/02/2022 – 7NEWS Brisbane

Residents under Brisbane’s flight paths learn about noise-reducing measures

14/02/2022 – Brisbane Times

Curbs on Brisbane Airport within days after complaints about noise

14/02/2022 – Courier Mail

Brisbane Airport would have curfew, flight limits under new law

14/02/2022 – ABC News

Greens leader Adam Bandt to introduce bill for curfew on Brisbane Airport to limit aircraft noise

20/01/2022 – Australian Aviation

Brisbane Airport to trial new tactics to reduce aircraft noise

19/01/2022 – 7NEWS Brisbane

More planes to fly over Moreton Bay as part of Brisbane Airport’s noise reduction trial

19/01/2022 – Brisbane Times

24-hour Brisbane Airport faces night curfews if noise controls fail

19/01/2022 – Courier Mail

‘Significant breakthrough’: Victory in fight against aircraft noise

19/01/2022 – ABC News

Brisbane Airport agrees to trial more flights over Moreton Bay to reduce suburban noise issues

19/01/2022 – ABC Brisbane Radio

BFPCA Chair David Diamond in interview with Craig Zonca and Loretta Ryan

(audio segment starts at 2:35:00)

18/01/2022 – Brisbane Times

More flights over Moreton Bay to reduce aircraft noise around Brisbane

18/01/2022 – Australian Aviation

Brisbane homeowners could face 70 decibels of flight noise

18/01/2022 – ABC News

Bulimba Barracks buyers should be restricted from making noise complaints, Brisbane Airport says


02/11/2021 – 9News Queensland

Growing calls for Deputy PM to intervene in a review of Brisbane Airport’s new flight paths

01/11/2021 – My Village News

We won’t be beaten by the Sir Humphreys

22/10/2021 – 7NEWS Brisbane

Residents protest over plane noise: Demonstrators want Brisbane flight paths fixed

22/10/2021 – Courier Mail

‘No one taking responsibility’: CBD protest over plane noise

13/10/2021 – SchipholWatch

Hard-hitting report on Schiphol’s approach in Australia

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13/10/2021 – Australian Aviation

Ombudsman criticises Airservices over Brisbane Airport noise

13/10/2021 – Brisbane Times

MP sounds off over Ombudsman’s report into Brisbane Airport flights

12/10/2021 – ABC TV 7pm News QLD

Watchdog finds residents were not given complete information about potential impacts of Brisbane Airport’s 2nd runway

(video segment starts at 9:35)

12/10/2021 – 7NEWS Brisbane

Damning report finds Brisbane residents misled over potential noise of new flight paths

12/10/2021 – Brisbane Times

Federal body did not accurately study airport’s new flights: Report

12/10/2021 – ABC News

Airservices Australia ‘failed to engage effectively’ with Brisbane residents over changed flight paths, ombudsman says

12/10/2021 – Courier Mail

01/10/2021 – SchipholWatch

Schiphol relies on ‘social engineering’ to break resistance

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01/10/2021 – My Village News

Hopes pinned on sought-after airport noise forum

27/09/2021 – 7NEWS Brisbane

Brisbane residents fighting flight noises have had a win

27/09/2021 – ABC News

Federal government announces ‘independent’ community forum to tackle Brisbane flight noise

24/09/2021 – Brisbane Times

Brisbane Airport noise reaches ears of Deputy PM, with ex-premier on board

16/09/2021 – Courier Mail

Brisbane flight path public meetings ‘buried’ during holidays

15/09/2021 – My Village News

Evans’ submission spells out solutions to reduce plane noise

19/08/2021 – Courier Mail

‘We want the truth’: Claims suburbs misled on flight path noise

03/08/2021 – Australian Aviation

Airservices to review Brisbane flight paths amid growing community outrage

01/08/2021 – My Village News

BAC poll goes off course

30/07/2021 – Courier Mail

Brisbane flight path review will do nothing, say residents

30/07/2021 – Brisbane Times

Federal government to run review of new Brisbane runway aircraft noise

26/07/2021 – Australian Aviation

Rework Brisbane Airport flight paths from scratch, say campaigners

23/07/2021 – Australian Aviation

CASA rejects Brisbane Airport’s proposal to reduce inner-city aircraft noise

23/07/2021 – The Australian

CASA refuses to change regulation which would reduce flights over Brisbane suburbs

15/07/2021 – Courier Mail

50,000 kids, 45 schools under new Brisbane flight paths

14/07/2021 – Australian Aviation

50k Kids’ Cognition Hurt by Brisbane Airport Noise, say campaigners

13/07/2021 – 4BC News Talk Radio

New headache for Brisbane Airport runway as noise rattles classrooms

12/07/2021 – 9 News Queensland

Brisbane’s newest aviation infrastructure hasn’t quite taken off

06/07/2021 – ABC Radio Brisbane

BFPCA Chair David Diamond in interview with Steve Austin

(audio segment starts at 43:38)

23/06/2021 – In Queensland

Brisbane aircraft noise to be reviewed while travel still down

15/06/2021 – 7NEWS Brisbane

Residents push for curfew to limit night noise in Brisbane Airport flight path

video 1 | video 2

15/06/2021 – Courier Mail

One flight every 2 minutes: Grim Brisbane airport noise prediction

08/06/2021 – Australian Aviation

‘Stop acting like a country town’ – Brisbane Airport noise row deepens

08/06/2021 – Courier Mail

‘Laughable scare tactic’ in city’s battle over plane noise

02/06/2021 – 10 News

Flight Fury: Resident Anger over Airport Noise

02/06/2021 – 9 News Queensland

Fed up Brisbane residents protest ‘exhausting’ aircraft noise

02/06/2021 – 4BC News Talk Radio

‘Disempowered’ Brisbane residents stage protest over aircraft noise

02/06/2021 – 7NEWS Brisbane

Angry residents demand peace and quiet under Brisbane’s new flight paths

video 1 | video 2

02/06/2021 – Brisbane Times

‘I’m trapped in hell’: Brisbane residents protesting plane noise stopped at gate

02/06/2021 – Herald Sun

Aircraft noise protest at Brisbane Airport Corporation

02/06/2021 – Courier Mail

Residents protest outside Brisbane Airport Corporation over flight path noise

02/06/2021 – 4KQ Breakfast Radio

Airplane Noise

(audio segment starts at 23:15)

01/06/2021 – My Village News

MP grilled over airport noise

26/05/2021 – Courier Mail

‘This is going to build and build’: Aircraft noise protest ramps up

13/05/2021 – ABC Radio Brisbane

BFPCA Chair David Diamond in interview with Steve Austin

(audio segment starts at 40:00)

13/05/2021 – Courier Mail

Noise map Brisbane Airport Corp doesn’t want you to see

06/05/2021 – ABC Radio Brisbane

New Farm Resident interviewed by ABC’s Kate O’Toole

(audio segment starts at 38:18)

05/05/2021 – Courier Mail

Hell’s decibels: Flight noise to go from bad to worse

04/05/2021 – 9 News Queensland

New Flight Paths Angering Residents Below

04/05/2021 – 7NEWS Brisbane

The Brisbane suburbs where real estate prices are going backwards

04/05/2021 – 4BC News Talk Radio

Concerns for property prices for Brisbane suburbs impacted by aircraft noise

04/05/2021 – Courier Mail

Blue-chip suburb house prices tumble amid aircraft noise uproar

04/05/2021 – My Village News

Retired pilot: ‘Runway plan wrong from start’

04/05/2021 – My Village News

Noise-weary resident wants planes protest

23/04/2021 – Carindale News

Aircraft Noise: Tingalpa Resident Filed 1,000 Complaints; Airservices Australia Conducts Review

20/04/2021 – Courier Mail

Loud as a hair dryer at 6am: Suburbs worst hit by aircraft noise

14/04/2021 – 7NEWS Brisbane

Flight path noise: the Brisbane suburbs fighting back

13/04/2021 – 4BC News Talk Radio

Airport rejects claims community was misled over aircraft noise

13/04/2021 – Courier Mail

Airport corp ‘misled’ public about over-the-Bay flights

08/04/2021 – The Local Bulletin

Plane Annoying! Residents of Upper Brookfield are seeing red

07/04/2021 – 7NEWS Brisbane

Residents frustrated with Brisbane’s new flight paths and runway will soon be asked to have their say

31/03/2021 – ABC Brisbane

Brisbane Airport runway review cautiously welcomed by noise-impacted residents

30/03/2021 – My Village News

Evans ramps up battle to cut flight-path racket

19/03/2021 – 7NEWS Brisbane

Brisbane residents hit by new runway pain

19/03/2021 – Courier Mail

Mental illness, lives ruined: Bombshell survey exposes flight path toll

04/03/2021 – 9News Queensland

Brisbane’s new runway flight paths creating a racket in the suburbs

04/03/2021 – 7NEWS Brisbane

Residents form community group over plane noise

04/03/2021 – Courier Mail

‘I lie awake crying’: Hear the plane noise driving thousands mad

03/03/2021 – Kenmore News

Meeting called in Brookfield as 24 suburbs outraged over new runway

01/03/2021 – 4BC News Talk Radio

Suburbs ‘slaughtered by noise’ from Brisbane’s second runway

28/02/2021 – Courier Mail

Runway rift: Dozens of suburbs ‘hit by noise’

01/02/2021 – ABC Radio Brisbane

BFPCA Chair David Diamond interviewed by Kelly Higgins-Devine

22/01/2021 – My Village News

Communities join forces in quest to challenge flight paths


18/12/2020 – Brisbane Times

Noisy flight paths spark new probe into Brisbane Airport runway

17/12/2020 – Brisbane Times

Brisbane Airport cracks down on planes veering off flight paths

04/10/2020 – Brisbane Times

Balmoral man on a flight path to fury as planes roar over his house

28/09/2020 – 4BC News Talk Radio

‘Low level arrivals’ draw the ire of Brisbane residents

15/08/2020 – Brisbane Times

‘Horrendous’ new flight paths create stress in south-east Brisbane

14/08/2020 – Brisbane Times

Noise complaints take off from Brisbane Airport’s new runway

14/08/2020 – 4BC News Talk Radio

Increased aircraft noise in Brisbane will only get worse