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16/05/2024 – Brisbane Times

Council officer breaks ranks to call for Brisbane Airport noise study

12/05/2024 – 9 News

State government supports dozens of late-night and early morning flights, in and out of Brisbane

12/05/2024 – Courier Mail

‘Blatant hypocrisy’: State chips in for late night, early morning flights over SEQ homes

02/05/2024 – Government News

Government offloads Airservices boss

01/05/2024 – Mirage News

Airservices Australia CEO Swap Validates Public Worries, More Action Needed

22/04/2024 – The Fifth Estate

Urban design has a dark side to its creativity – two projects in Brisbane show how

15/04/2024 – 10 News

Major airlines give evidence at a Senate inquiry into aircraft noise in Brisbane

15/04/2024 – 7 News

Evidence heard at federal inquiry aimed at reducing suburban flight noise

15/04/2024 – Brisbane Times

Brisbane Airport curfew, flight caps proposed to counter aircraft noise

15/04/2024 – Courier Mail

New planes, ‘marginal’ changes the key to fixing noise woes, inquiry told

15/04/2024 – ABC Radio Brisbane

Brisbane’s flight paths continue to cause concern for residents

07/02/2024 – 7 News

Senate to hold inquiry into noise pollution from Brisbane Airport

07/02/2024 – ABC Radio Brisbane

BFPCA Chair interviewed by Loretta and Craig

(audio segment starts 2.15:14)

06/02/2024 – Courier Mail

New twist in aircraft noise battle as Greens win inquiry

06/02/2024 – The National Tribune

Greens win Senate inquiry into aircraft noise

01/02/2024 – Local Bulletin

Fed up Residents Call for Inquiry

09/01/2024 – 4BC Radio

Brisbane residents to seek inquiry over ignored airport noise complaints

08/01/2024 – Brisbane Times

Jetstar scraps proposed upgrade of older planes to reduce Brisbane noise

05/01/2024 – Hamilton Today

Students in Hamilton and Other Suburbs Experiencing Health and Well-being Issues From Chronic and Excessive Aircraft Noise

02/01/2024 – Courier Mail

‘One more plane and I’ll run nude’: Aircraft noise spike explained