Last night at midnight 11:59 pm (AEST), BFPCA’s federal petition to the House of Representatives closed for signatures, and we are pleased to see close to 2,500 signatures being collected over the last four weeks. Discounting the COVID-19 anti-vaccination petitions, our petition has attracted the second highest number of signatures over the last four weeks of all open petitions. This is a clear indication that the issue of excessive noise pollution from Brisbane Airport’s flight paths is already a significant federal election issue.

We expect the Petitions Committee will now refer the petition to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, the Hon Barnaby Joyce MP who will be requested to respond within 90 days. We are advised that when his response has been received, the Committee must first see it at a meeting. The Committee usually meets each week that the House meets. The Petitions Committee Chair usually presents Ministerial responses each Monday that the House meets. The response is then presented to the House by the Committee Chair, it is published on the petition webpage, and the principal petitioner is notified.

BFPCA’s letter to federal MPs

BFPCA is a community organisation representing thousands of residents, families, communities across more than 30 suburbs across Greater Brisbane.

We have been copied into many complaints lodged with the offices of federal MPs from people who are looking at their elected representative expecting urgent leadership and strong action.

BFPCA has written to the following MPs. Read the full letter here, and email your federal MP, too, asking them to support the petition in parliament:

BFPCA has invited federal MPs to:

  1. Issue a statement in support of BFPCA’s petition, which we will circulate to all our subscribers and supporters;
  2. Write to the Hon Barnaby Joyce MP in support of the BFPCA petition calling on him to act on the petitioners’ concerns and action the petition’s twofold request;
  3. Indicate to BFPCA by 15 Sep 2021 whether they are willing to present our petition to the House, and we will then make arrangements and let the Petitions Committee secretariat know.

Voters are looking for leaders who will advocate for the community’s demands for

  • a new Environmental Impact Statement (EIS);
  • a federally legislated Sydney-style curfew;
  • a total cap on flight movements, and;
  • proper international best practice noise abatements.

The Petition

Petition Reason

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) launched its new parallel runway at Brisbane Airport on 12 July 2020, resulting in changes to flight paths across Brisbane with a significant negative impact on local communities. Ministerial approval of BAC’s Environmental Impact Statement was granted in 2007 under Section 160 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 as part of the new parallel runway’s Major Development Plan. The Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance has found evidence that Brisbane Airport’s Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) data – endorsed by Airservices Australia – was flawed. This inaccurate data formed the basis of noise modelling, which misrepresented the true impact that Brisbane communities are now experiencing as a result of these flight path changes. This was exacerbated by inadequate consultation and engagement with affected communities, and a failure to reduce the negative impacts of the noise pollution on the health and wellbeing of residents. BAC’s flawed data and inadequate consultation undermines Federal approval and any social licence relied on to support the new flight path design.

Petition Request

We therefore ask the House to:

  1. Amend the Air Services Act 1995 to free Airservices Australia from its regulatory capture by the aviation industry and ensure it protects the human and natural environment, community amenity and residential areas from the effects of the operation and use of aircraft.
  2. Review to what extent the ministerial approval granted in 2007 relied on flawed and misleading data, with a view to revoke the approval of the current aviation airspace management plan for Brisbane Airport.

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