Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance – people before planes

Today, BFPCA formally wrote to the Dutch Parliament seeking their help and assistance. Our letter is addressed at the members of the Committee for Finance and the Committee for Infrastructure and Water Management in their role of providing scrutiny and accountability checks to the Dutch Government, which in turn is the majority shareholder in the Royal Schiphol Group.

BFPCA’s letter expresses our objection to the conduct of Royal Schiphol Group and its negative consequences on families and communities in Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane residents are suffering from unrelenting and unsustainable aircraft noise pollution resulting from the New Parallel Runway at Brisbane Airport and associated flight path design changes to Brisbane’s airspace. The letter seeks the assistance of these two committees with lodging a formal complaint to the Dutch Government concerning their support of unethical business practices of the Royal Schiphol Group.

The Dutch Government through its Ministry of Finance is the majority shareholder (69.77%) of the Royal Schiphol Group. In turn, the Royal Schiphol Group owns a 19.6% share in Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) in Australia, with two directors on BAC’s board: (i) Dick Benschop, previously the president and CEO of Royal Schiphol Group, and; (ii) Robert Carsouw, Executive Vice President and CFO of Royal Schiphol Group, in addition to BAC CEO Gert-Jan de Graaff, former President and CEO of JFKIAT LLC, the private operators of Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport owned by Royal Schiphol Group.

You can download a PDF of the full letter below:

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